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    Comparison of images from different capturing systems. Color (a) and autofluorescence (b–d) images of a chorioretinal scar due to toxoplasmosis. While the scar is hypoautofluorescent in all 3 autofluorescence images, note the difference in appearance of both the fovea and the optic nerve between the blue light excitation image (b) and the green light excitation images (c, d). a. Fundus image, cropped from wide-field color image to match panels b and c. b. Autofluorescence captured using a confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscope with blue light excitation and 55 degree lens. c. Autofluorescence image captured with fundus photography system utilizing green light excitation and 35 degree lens. d. Autofluorescence image captured with wide-field imaging system utilizing green light excitation, cropped to match panels b and c.