• Courtesy of Richard F. Spaide, MD.
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    Successive OCT examinations of a female patient with myopic macular schisis. At presentation, the patient had a perifoveal vitreous detachment (A) that separated (B). C, Four months later, a larger fovea cavitation developed. D, One month after that, a localized detachment of the fovea occurred. E, One month after the image in D was taken, the detachment was slightly larger (F). G, At 4-month follow-up, the macular detachment had increased in size. H, One month later, she returned with a substantial loss of central vision. Imaging revealed a large retinal detachment with edematous folding of the outer retina. I, A small macular hole caused the larger detachment (arrow). J, The macular hole was repaired by vitrectomy with internal limiting membrane removal, which resulted in resolution of the retinal detachment and the myopic macular schisis.