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    Pediatric Ophth/Strabismus

    Recent studies have shown that full-time occlusion may not be necessary to achieve good results in many cases of amblyopia. Part-time occlusion may be prescribed, depending upon the patient’s visual acuity, availability for follow-up visits, and receptiveness. Although practitioners’ preferences may vary, several hours per day of occlusion may suffice to treat moderate amblyopia. To ensure successful patching, the parents should be given a full explanation of its purpose and the importance of compliance. Patching cannot be delayed until a more convenient time—effective treatment of amblyopia is sooner, not later. However, evidence indicates that success in amblyopia treatment may extend into the teen years. Once amblyopia has been reversed, the child must be followed periodically until at least the teen years to ensure that vision remains stable. Occasionally, patching must be reinstituted to maintain optimal visual acuity.