• Parts A–C courtesy of Robert H. Rosa, Jr, MD; Part D courtesy of Christine A. Curcio, PhD.
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    Ocular Pathology/Oncology

    Reticular pseudodrusen. A, Color photograph shows ill-defined, yellowish, reticular pattern (between arrowheads) in the superior macula. B, Fundus autofluorescence (FAF) image shows corresponding region (between arrowheads) with dotlike areas of decreased and increased FAF. C, Near-infrared image (upper panel) shows similar dotlike areas of decreased reflectance, which, on SD-OCT (lower panel), correspond to deposits (arrows) interposed between the photoreceptor outer segments and RPE with focal disruption of the ellipsoid zone. D, Subretinal drusenoid deposits (yellow arrowheads) are the histologic correlate of reticular pseudodrusen. Note their location in the region of the outer segments. HF = Henle fiber layer; ONL = outer nuclear layer; IS = inner segments; OS = outer segments; RPE = retinal pigment epithelium; BrM = Bruch membrane; Ch = choroid; Sc = sclera. Submicrometer epoxy section, toluidine blue stain, osmium paraphenylenediamine post-fixation.