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    Ocular Pathology/Oncology

    Vasoproliferative tumor (VPT). A, Color fundus photograph shows a VPT in the temporal periphery of the right eye (arrow). The tumor appears as a pink and yellow elevated mass with tortuous internal vasculature and associated subretinal fibrosis and exudate (asterisks).B, B-scan ultrasonographic image demonstrates a heterogeneous, amorphous elevated mass (arrow).There is an associated retinal detachment (between arrowheads), which is not uncommon. C, Fluorescein angiogram highlights the internal vascular component of the tumor that demonstrates significant hyperfluorescent staining; late leakage is common. Loss of retinal vasculature is seen in the area of previous cryotherapy treatment (asterisk).D, OCT shows subretinal fluid tracking under the fovea, an epiretinal membrane, and significant foveal distortion.