• Courtesy of André Salgado Araújo Marques, Dr. Helena Spohr, Dr. Helena Urbano, Sofia Donato, Marta Guedes
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    Fundus images of a female-patient with Wagner Syndrome, a vitreoretinal dystrophy similar to Stickler syndrome but with no systemic abnormalities associated. The patient presented with mild visual acuity decrease and nyctalopia. Observation revealed low myopia and mild cortical cataracts. Further examination showed on both eyes (right eye shown here) an optically empty vitreous, greyish-white pre retinal membranes extending from the posterior pole to the periphery and extensive chorioretinal atrophy. It was also evident substantial subretinal exudation on the posterior pole, which isn't commonly associated with this syndrome. Retinal detachment is the major complication of this syndrome, but it tends to have a better prognosis than those associated with Stickler syndrome.