• Written By: Faruk H. Orge, MD

    This interactive simulator is designed to teach and allow practice of basic strabismus evaluation. Simple comitant deviations are demonstrated in the current model. Watch the Strabismus Simulator Tutorial for an overview of all features and functions.

    You can apply 4 unique tests in this simulator:

    1. Cover-uncover test. See which eye is dominant, and if the deviation is manifest/tropic.
    2. Alternate cover test. See the entire potential deviation: tropia and phoria.
    3. Alternate cover test with prism. Measure the entire potential deviation: tropia and phoria.
    4. Simultaneous prism cover test. Measure only the tropia component.

    Watch the video tutorial for an overview of all features and functions in the simulator.

    •  Go through the "Explore Mode" to learn techniques and tools to evaluate a patient with strabismus.
    • After you have learned exam techniques and types of deviations, test your understanding in "Test Mode."
    • Three virtual patients are presented with random deviations offering an infinite number of experiences to achieve mastery.

    Update 7/7/16

    • Improved algorithms for horizontal and vertical tropia and phoria simulations and testing.
    • Modified vertical prism application, with more accurate simulation of the dominant eye and its evaluation using the vertical prism.