By Ruth D. Williams, MD; Eugene de Juan Jr., MD
    Glaucoma 360

    Drs. Eugene de Juan and Ruth Williams discuss alternative drug delivery systems for the treatment of glaucoma. Dr. de Juan provides an overview of the early clinical trials and describes the challenge of delivering adequate drug dosages through low-volume reservoirs in either the punctum or elsewhere in the eye. In the future, Dr. de Juan believes these alternative systems will obviate the patient compliance issues and follow-up that are mainstays of current glaucoma management--problems that will be further complicated as the patient population ages and swells. A renowned retinal surgeon, inventor, and entrepreneur, Dr. de Juan was a moderator for a panel discussion on the topic at the Glaucoma 360 New Horizons Forum.

    Financial Disclosures: Dr. de Juan has equity interest in or receives consulting fees from Bausch & Lomb, ForSight, Genentech, Iridex, Nexis Vision, OneFocus Ventures, Second Sight, Synergetics, and Transcend Medical.