ASRS 2017

    In this interview from ASRS 2017, Dr. Daniel Connors discusses the efficacy of early vs. delayed vitrectomy in patients with non-diabetic vitreous hemorrhage (VH). The study included eyes with dense VH, with no history of diabetes mellitus, retinal vascular disease or prior retinal surgery. Initial and final visual acuities were similar between the early (up to 10 days) and late (more than 10 days) vitrectomy groups. However, during surgery, Dr. Connors noted that a large percentage of all patients had retinal tears or detachments that were previously missed on ultrasound. As a result, Dr. Connors concludes that earlier vitrectomy should be considered in non-diabetic dense VH cases to address vision-threatening pathologies that may not be detected on B-scans.

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