AGS 2017
    Glaucoma, IOP and Aqueous Flow, Surgical Management

    In this interview from AGS 2017, Dr. Paul Palmberg discusses 4-year data collected on the MicroShunt (InnFocus), showing patients experienced significant reduction in both IOP and use of glaucoma medication. The average IOP in a group of mixed-race, open-angle glaucoma patients was 11.2 mm Hg and 82% were medication-free. Blebs were diffuse, with no indication of leakage or infection. Unlike many MIGS (micro-invasive glaucoma surgery) technologies, the InnFocus MicroShunt does not require simultaneous removal of the cataract. It provides a quick, minimally invasive procedure for shunting aqueous humor from the anterior chamber. If approved by the U.S. FDA, Dr. Palmberg believes this device could replace trabeculectomy as the primary surgical option, and has the potential to eliminate the need for topical treatment in most patients.