ASRS 2017

    In this video from ASRS 2017, Dr. Jennifer Lim discusses anatomic and visual outcomes of ocriplasmin for release of symptomatic vitreomacular adhesion (VMA). The retrospective study, which was published in the September-October issue of Ophthalmology Retina, included 208 eyes with and without macular holes. VMA resolved with ocriplasmin alone in 43% of eyes by week 12—a rate higher than that reported in the MIVI-TRUST study. Of eyes with macular holes, 40% achieved closure with ocriplasmin alone by the end of follow-up (mean 204 days). However, rates of vision loss were high, with almost 20% of eyes showing loss of 2 or more lines. Despite its limitations, Dr. Lim concludes ocriplasmin may benefit a subset of VMA patients, and suggests careful patient selection could increase the odds of success. 

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