AGS 2017
    Glaucoma, IOP and Aqueous Flow, Surgical Management

    In this interview from AGS 2017, Dr. Steven Gedde discusses the 1-year data for the primary tube vs. trabeculectomy (PTVT) study in patients with glaucoma and no prior ocular surgery. Patients in the tube group underwent placement of a Baerveldt glaucoma implant in the superotemporal quadrant with complete restriction of flow, and the remaining patients underwent a superior trabeculectomy with a standard dose of mitomycin C of 0.4 mg/mL for 2 minutes. Overall, eyes treated with trabeculectomy showed significantly lower mean pressures at every postoperative visit with significantly fewer medications compared with eyes treated with an implant. As in the landmark TVT study by Dr. Gedde, patients in the PTVT study will be followed up to 5 years.