Glaucoma 360, 2018
    Glaucoma, Refractive Mgmt/Intervention

    In this interview from Glaucoma 360, Dr. Steven Vold offers advice on performing refractive surgery in patients with glaucoma. Surgical options have progressed by leaps and bounds in recent years, he says. New extended range of vision lenses have fewer glitches, such as decreased contrast sensitivity, compared with past versions. Dr. Vold recommends using toric IOLs for patients with astigmatism, and notes that corneal refractive surgery can be incredibly helpful for patients who cannot tolerate contact lenses. Finally, he notes that it can be tempting for physicians to focus on IOP at the expense of other issues such as medication adherence, ocular surface disease and refractive errors, but these issues continue to be important before and after surgery.

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