By Ruth D. Williams, MD; Douglas Lee
    Glaucoma 360
    Diagnostic & Imaging, Glaucoma, IOP and Aqueous Flow

    In this interview, Douglas Lee, CEO of AcuMEMS, discusses the company's iSense system, an implantable sensor technology that provides direct measurement of intraocular pressure (IOP).  AcuMEMS has developed two devices for monitoring pressure: one intended for patients with advanced glaucoma and placed in the anterior chamber; the other for patients with coincident cataract and glaucoma and placed in the posterior chamber during cataract surgery.

    The sensors provide real-time data that can be dispatched to a physician through a smartphone or other computing device. Clinicians can choose to track continuous IOP or select specific intervals for monitoring pressure shifts. Lee believes implantable IOP monitors will lead to better understanding of the glaucoma disease process and help ophthalmologists tailor medical therapy to each patient's IOP patterns. The iSense system has successfully completed animal trials and will enter human trials later this year.