AGS 2019
    Glaucoma, Surgical Management

    In this interview from AGS 2019, Dr. Ramesh Ayyala describes the outcomes from his study comparing trabeculectomy versus Xen gel stent (Allergan). The retrospective study included 62 Xen and 54 trabeculectomy patients; both groups were well-matched and consisted of phakic and pseudophakic patients. The main difference, he clarified, was that the Xen group had a higher incidence of previous glaucoma or cataract surgeries. At 1 year, the average IOP was significantly lower in the trabeculectomy group compared with the Xen group, but complete success (IOP between 6 and  18 mm Hg with or without medication) was comparable. Additionally, Dr. Ayyala discusses the benefits of an ab-externo approach for Xen implantation, and the importance of applying mitomycin C during surgery.

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