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  • IRIS Registry Data Analysis

  • Data Use and Publication Requirements

    As a condition of using IRIS® Registry data for research, you agree to meet the following publication requirements. These requirements do not apply to any research limited to either your individual registry data or that of your practice.

    • All investigators on IRIS Registry analytics projects must have an intent to publish findings.
    • Ophthalmology®, Ophthalmology® Retina, Ophthalmology® Glaucoma and Ophthalmology® Science have first right of refusal for all IRIS Registry data studies.
    • All IRIS Registry investigators must agree to and sign a data-use agreement with the Academy.

    Written Publications

    Academy IRIS Registry staff require the right to review manuscripts for quality and accuracy prior to submission. The IRIS Registry Analytics Committee may also review their clinical and technical expertise.

    Public Presentations

    Academy IRIS Registry staff require the right to review draft presentations before they are presented publicly.