• 2015 Update, New User Group for MDIntelleSys Users

    During the 2015 IRIS Registry data-submission period, the Academy learned of some issues mapping records for customers who use MDIntelleSys, a common vendor for retina practices. Unlike other EHR systems, the IRIS Registry is completely reliant on the files that MDI provides for the contracted practices. One issue involved documentation for the specialist-referral measure, which the IRIS Registry did not receive the same data that physicians were seeing in their EHR system. The second issue involved ICD-10 codes, which MDI expects to address with a software upgrade.

    Both issues may have reduced some physicians’ 2015 performance rates, but this should not affect most retina specialists’ ultimate success for reporting the CQMs and PQRS to CMS. The IRIS Registry collects data from physicians’ electronic health records on a total of 15 measures used in both PQRS and meaningful use. However, physicians must only report nine measures for PQRS. The registry automatically chooses the nine measures on which you performed best to report to CMS.

    To help MDI customers enter referrals correctly, the Academy has created a new MDI user group in the Academy forum for vendor-specific questions and advice. Over time, we expect to add other vendor-specific user groups to the IRIS Registry discussion forum.

    How to Document Specialist Reports for IRIS-19

    In order to successfully report on Closing the Referral Loop: Receipt of the Specialist Report (identified as IRIS-19 in the IRIS Registry dashboard), MDI customers need to complete the Referrals part of the chart.

    Important note: Only data entered in the Patient Referrals table will be submitted to the IRIS Registry to meet this measure. Any uploaded documents will not count towards meeting the measure because MDI does not transmit uploaded documents or documentation of uploaded documents to the IRIS Registry. If you did not enter referrals in the Patient Referrals table, you may have seen lower-than-expected performance rates on this measure. To remedy this, enter data in the Patient Referrals table.