• How to Attest and Report Meaningful Use with the IRIS Registry

    Post updated Feb. 6, 2017

    IRIS® Registry users with an electronic health record system can use the IRIS Registry to attest and report the clinical quality measures for meaningful use. You can also meet Objective 10: Public Health Reporting, Measure Option 3 – Specialized Registry Reporting.

    • The process differs depending on whether you signed up for the registry by June 1, 2017, or not.
    • All users with an EHR system must use the meaningful use attestation system.
    • The deadline to report is Monday, Mar. 13 at 11:59 PT (extended by CMS).

    2016 EHR-based users

    If you satisfactorily report for 2016 PQRS using the registery's EHR reporting option, you will also satisfy the quality-measure component of the Medicare EHR Incentive Program. You must report this in the attestation portal.

    Choose option 1: submit CQM electronically using the Medicare EHR Incentive e-reporting option. The IRIS Registry will be electronically submit your PQRS and meaningful use clinical quality measures data.

    In addition:

    2016-only web portal users (EHR users who joined the registry after June 1, 2016)

    Any practice with a 2014 certified electronic health record technology (CEHRT) EHR system that signed up with the registry with intent to report via EHR can meet Objective 10, Measure 3.

    If you missed the June 1 deadline, however, you cannot report the quality measures through the registry. You will have to manually report the measures through the attestation system.

    Objective 10:  Public Health Reporting, Measure Option 3 – Specialized Registry Reporting

    The IRIS Registry is a specialized registry; and active electronic engagement with IRIS Registry allows you to achieve credit for the meaningful use Public Health Objective Measure Option 3: Specialized Registry Reporting. Because IRIS Registry is the only eye care specialized registry, it is the only specialized registry that the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends to its members.

    In the appropriate part of the attestation portal, answer yes to the following question.

    Note: Due to a CMS system glitch, however, you may have to complete a couple extra steps to successfully attest to this measure.

    Need documentation that the IRIS Registry qualifies as a specialized registry? Download this Academy letter attesting to the registry's status [PDF].