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  • IRIS Registry Is for More Than MIPS Reporting

    Participation in the IRIS® Registry (Intelligent Research in Sight) is a free Academy member benefit. As a participant in the IRIS Registry, not only are you contributing to the largest single-specialty database in the world, but you also have access to tools and resources that will improve the efficiency of your practice and improve patient care.

    As an IRIS Registry participant, you can:

    • Evaluate your practice patterns and improve quality of care.
      • Receive actionable, timely feedback that allows you to make changes to enhance patient follow-up, screening, education and outcomes.
      • Easily compare and identifying discrepancies between EHR documentation and billing.
    • Benchmark your practice against other practices in the country.
      • Evaluate your patient care processes and outcomes against most ophthalmic practices in the U.S.
      • Compare your practice, locations and clinicians against peers for internal quality improvement purposes.
    • Demonstrate quality of care to third-party payers.
      • Produce patient outcomes to document the quality of care to payers for panel selection and contract negotiation purposes
      • Balance payers’ cost of care concerns with CMS-approved measures that substantiate the practice’s performance
    • Contribute to scientific advancement.
      • Participate in the world’s largest single-specialty clinical data registry to accelerate scientific innovation and enhance clinical knowledge.
      • Use the Verana Health Trial Connect tool to facilitate patient recruitment for clinical trials to identify suitable patients easily.
    • Receive future practice management tools at no additional fee.
      • Identify coding outliers with the Verana Health CPT utilization tool that will potentially improve your performance during an audit.
      • Identify over and under coding issues with the Verana Health CPT utilization tool that will potentially improve coding and reimbursement processes.

    To ensure you are fully utilizing the IRIS Registry, use the 2022 IRIS Registry Preparation Kit. This valuable resource includes an updated user guide, FAQ section and tips to avoid common pitfalls. This helpful companion is available as a free downloadable PDF or for purchase as a spiral-bound booklet.