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  • Share Your State Legislative Contacts

    Description: Nationwide, state level grassroots efforts play a critical role in spearheading pro-ophthalmology legislation and ensuring surgery is performed by surgeons. Tell us who your contacts are in your state legislature. When a dangerous bill that puts patient safety at risk pops up, your state House or Senate contact could be a champion for ophthalmology. If you have colleagues who want to get involved in advocacy, let us know.  

    Instructions: If you or someone in your personal or professional network has a key legislative contact in your state legislature, let us know. Tell us the state, contact name and your relationship. Whether you have hosted a fundraiser for a state legislator, or they are your neighbor, friend, or family member, tell us. Advocates on the state level are key to representing ophthalmology at state capitols across the nation.  

    Deadlines: There is no deadline to tell us who your state contacts are. This is an ongoing process; feel free to update us as you meet and develop new key legislative contacts. Members may submit their contacts to Academy State Governmental Affairs at