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  • Review Scientific Literature for Development of Quality of Care Documents

    Description: Qualified methodologists review and evaluate the scientific literature in preparation for others to develop or update Ophthalmic Technology Assessments (OTAs) and Preferred Practice Patterns (PPPs). These documents contribute to the evidence base in ophthalmology.


    • Methodologist should be an MPH or PhD, experienced in research methodology and biostatistics/epidemiology, and familiar with grading of literature. Methodologist does not need to be a member of the Academy.
    • Must respond within set deadlines.
    • Evaluating abstracts for OTAs is done alone by most panel authors during the early phase of article-analysis. Some topics are narrow, and this is a non-issue, but larger topics often require combing through hundreds or even a thousand abstracts.

    Time commitment: Approximately one hour to evaluate and grade a study.

    Instructions: Staff will provide guidance on the process. Send an email to, indicating your interest and including your CV.

    Deadlines: Deadlines for study evaluation and grading will be set on an ad hoc basis.