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  • Write an EyeNet Morning Rounds Article

    Description: Morning Rounds articles provide a medical mystery that intrigues and challenges readers. Each case report introduces the patient (fictitious names only) and describes his or her personal story and baffling symptoms. The case can then move on to any of the following areas: early misdiagnoses, your observations, differential diagnosis, results of tests, the eventual definitive diagnosis, treatment and the patient's progress. You should also add a few short paragraphs about the disease to add to the reader’s knowledge base (pathophysiology, etiology, etc). The case must include an image. See a sample article.

    Instructions: Before you start writing, contact to inform the Morning Rounds staff editor of your proposed topic. In your email use the Subject Line: Volunteering Morning Rounds. EyeNet will provide you with the Morning Rounds Writers Guidelines, some sample Morning Rounds articles, and a Morning Rounds checklist. Before submitting your manuscript, make sure you can tick all the boxes on the checklist.

    Expectations: Your original article will provide accurate and complete information on the topic. It will be well-organized, clearly written and reviewed by a senior faculty member for the above qualities.

    Time commitment: Can vary greatly. Ballpark: 15 hours to author the manuscript, plus 5 hours to work with staff editors.

    Deadlines: Manuscript submission is at your discretion. After the manuscript is accepted, a staff editor will inform you of production deadlines.