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  • Write an EyeNet Ophthalmic Pearls Article

    Description: Each 1,500-word Pearls article reviews a medical or surgical entity or procedure. Many of the articles offer step-by-step overviews of etiology, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. See a sample article.

    Instructions: To get started, you need only a few things: 1) a topic, 2) [medical students and residents only] a faculty advisor to review your manuscript and add his/her pearls from clinical experience, and 3) the Ophthalmic Pearls Writers Guidelines (PDF).

    Before you start writing, email with your proposed topic. After your topic is approved, you will submit a one- or two-paragraph summary of the concept and why it's important, a brief outline inclusive of citations, and at least one image. The medical editor will review this initial submission. With his approval, you may begin work on the manuscript. Before submitting the manuscript, use the Pearls Checklist (PDF) to ensure that all key requirements have been met and important details included.

    Expectations: Your original article will provide accurate and complete information on the topic. It will be well-organized, clearly written, and reviewed by a senior faculty member for the above qualities.

    Time commitment: Can vary greatly. Ballpark: 15 hours to author the manuscript, plus 5 hours to work with staff editors.

    Deadlines: Manuscript submission is at your discretion. After the manuscript is accepted, a staff editor will inform you of production deadlines.