• Active Advocacy: No Matter Where You Are, Make An Impact For Your Patients Today  

    The Academy’s impact on behalf of our patients extends from Washington, D.C., into your community. Get up to speed on the important issues we’re emphasizing this year with the Academy’s broad array of resources. Start by visiting aao.org/local to strengthen your efforts at home and in your practice. Our resources can guide you in organizing a site visit for your state or federal lawmaker. We’ll give you the tips and tactics you need to make a lasting impression during a local event attended by your member of Congress.

    Use the following Academy resources to stay informed:  

    • The Academy’s weekly Washington Report Express e-newsletter;  
    • AAO.org and its continuously evolving advocacy section; and  
    • The Academy’s social media channels — Facebook and Twitter — where you can engage with your peers on advocacy issues.

    Take your involvement to the next level by taking the following steps: