• Navigating the Shifting Health Care Landscape

    Dear Colleague:

    Advocacy is as much about opportunity as it is the urgency of an issue. We are seeing both qualities today as we navigate a shifting health care landscape. At the center of this shift is a new president and a new Congress. It’s more important than ever to correctly read the tea leaves in Washington, D.C., and act when opportunities arise.  

    For example, federal regulations continue to sap time and energy from ophthalmologists nationwide. Securing changes to these requirements can enable us to refocus on what truly matters: our patients’ health. The new regulatory environment represents an opportunity to do that. There also continues to be a great deal of urgency behind our work. We’ve never seen such a dangerous, widespread assault on patient safety as what optometry is attempting in 19 states.  

    It’s also a critical time to protect access to quality eye care on behalf of our aging population. The issues we are prioritizing this year reflect these opportunities and this urgency.   

    Our work includes the following:  

    We are fortunate to have such a motivated and informed community of U.S. ophthalmologists to drive our engagement. We saw this energy during Congressional Advocacy Day in April, when your colleagues held direct meetings with more than 90 congressional lawmakers and their staffs, a 20 percent increase over last year. We need that momentum to continue so key decision makers can hear loud and clear why it’s important to preserve safe, quality patient care.  

    We look forward to your help as we continue this work throughout the remainder of 2017. View this report online or as PDF download you can print.


    Daniel J. Briceland, MD
    Senior Secretary for Advocacy

    George A. Williams, MD
    Secretary for Federal Affairs

    Kurt F. Heitman, MD
    Secretary for State Affairs