Invest in Our Profession's PAC to Strengthen Necessary Congressional Relationships  

    A strong profession requires a strong political action committee. The Academy’s OPHTHPAC® fund gives ophthalmology a voice on Capitol Hill that helps preserve our profession’s ability to provide quality care. Year after year, investments by ophthalmologists like you have given our profession the necessary relationships to drive change in the federal government. It gives us the resources needed to establish and sustain important relationships in Congress. When a legislative fight emerges, OPHTHPAC helps ensure we have allies on our side in Washington, D.C. Invest in OPHTHPAC to build and sustain necessary relationships in Congress at aao.org/ophthpac.  


    Contribute to Ophthalmology's Best Tool for Protecting Patient Safety  

    The Academy’s Surgical Scope Fund provides the resources your state needs when surgical scope-of-practice battles emerge. A fortified Surgical Scope Fund provides resources, expertise and winning strategies. It has provided substantial support to your colleagues in Alaska, California, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico. With upwards of 19 states under attack this year, the Surgical Scope Fund is a critical tool for protecting patient safety and surgical standards. Make your anonymous Surgical Scope Fund contribution today at aao.org/ssf