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  • Group Tours

  • Arrange a group tour at the Truhlsen-Marmor Museum of the Eye® 

    A young white woman leads a tour for a large group of people. The guide has her back to the camera, and stands next to a museum display case with a large, open antique book in it. The group of people stands behind the case and they are looking into it intently. The group is made up of adult men and women.The Museum of the Eye welcomes groups from schools, companies, alumni groups, or larger groups of visitors. Since group admission is always free, unguided group visits to not need to be prescheduled.

    However, if you would like a guided tour for your group, please fill out the form below to start the booking process. Guided tours last on average 45 minutes to one hour, and are led by a museum staff member or trained volunteer docent. Guided tours are available from Wednesday through Sunday.

    Groups of 20 people or more will need to be split into multiple groups due to the size of the museum. 

    Request a group tour here.


    • General Museum Tour 
      • This tour covers all four museum galleries and focuses on anatomy, history, and new innovations in ophthalmology. 
    • Ocular Oddities Tour
      • This tour focuses on medical history, and highlights curious or strange stories behind some of the artifacts in the museum. 
    • Eyes to the Sky Tour
      • This tour focuses on flight medicine, the field of ophthalmology specifically treating pilots' eyes. Learn more about the history of aviation and how military ophthalmology has influenced modern treatments.
    • Sports & Vision Tour 
      • This tour discusses how athletes' vision affects the game and how sports can affect athletes' eyes. This tour covers facts and stories from all over the wide world of sports, from baseball to gymnastics to mountain climbing. 
    Request a group tour here.


    • The Museum of the Eye does not have a public restroom, but there is a public restroom one block away at the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park's Visitors Center at 499 Jefferson Street.  
    • The Museum of the Eye is a medical history museum. Given the complexity of the topics, we recommend group tours to ages 12 and up. Children under 12 are more than welcome as a part of a larger group - please indicate in the request form.