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  • The Legacy Project

    A black and white photo of three doctors wearing scrubs have their arms around one another. They are all white men. The man on the left is middle aged and is wearing dark framed eyeglass, a surgical mask is hanging on his chest. The middle man is the youngest, and he has dark hair and wears a beeper on his waist. The man on the right is the oldest, and he wears eyeglasses and a lab coat over his scrubs. They are all smiling jovially.The Legacy Project was begun in 1999 by the American Academy of Ophthalmology's Senior Ophthalmologists Committee. The project aims to find families with multiple generations of ophthalmologists and tell their stories. The Truhlsen-Marmor Museum of the Eye® is proud to have the Legacy Project retained in its archives based in San Francisco.

    If you know or are a part of a family with multiple generations of ophthalmologists, please contact us at so that we may add their names to the list. 

    Click the following to download the Legacy Project records:

    Two Generations of Ophthalmologists 
    Three or More Generations of Ophthalmologists