• American Academy of Ophthalmology Launches Expanded EyeSmart, a Trusted Source for Eye Health Information

    Consumers Can Learn from Comprehensive Resources and Interactive Features, All from Eye Physicians and Surgeons

    San Francisco—The American Academy of Ophthalmology Academy has launched an expanded and authoritative eye health website to help educate consumers about eye diseases and conditions, vision correction and the preservation of healthy vision across a lifetime. The new EyeSmart® public education site is the world's most comprehensive online resource for reliable, unbiased eye care information, written and reviewed by ophthalmologists Eye M.D.s.

    "The Academy believes it is vital that the public have a trustworthy place to turn when they have questions about their eye health," said David W. Parke II, MD, the Academy's CEO. "The new EyeSmart website is backed by the Academy's extensive resources, including our trusted educational information and the expertise and knowledge of our Eye M.D.s."

    EyeSmart delivers comprehensive information on the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment of common eye diseases and conditions – illustrated with photos and interactive elements, including animations, diagrams and dozens of informative videos. Much of the site is translated into Spanish as well. In addition, the website also provides:

    • An extensive symptoms list, cross-referenced with potential associated conditions  and diseases to help site visitors find relevant information quickly
    • Recommendations for "Living EyeSmart" in a new section devoted to healthy vision tips and what consumers need to know about their eye health based on their age and other lifestyle factors
    • Simulators to show how certain eye diseases and conditions can impact vision
    • "Ask an Eye M.D.": a searchable database of commonly asked eye health questions, plus the ability for site visitors to submit new questions to an Academy panel of experts
    • "Find an Eye M.D." service to locate a nearby ophthalmologist
    • Tools to improve the site's readability for visitors with low vision
    • A free electronic newsletter focusing on healthy vision

    The Academy's Eye M.D.s will continue to add new eye care topics to EyeSmart, plus the site will feature up-to-date news on the latest research developments that can impact people's eye health. Articles from EyeSmart can also be easily shared to social networking sites.

    "I will be letting all my patients know about the EyeSmart website, because I know what they read there is accurate, timely and reliable," said Andrew G. Iwach, MD, a glaucoma specialist. "With EyeSmart, the public can trust that experienced eye physicians and surgeons stand behind the information, and that making sure people get the best possible care for their eyes is our goal."

    About the American Academy of Ophthalmology
    AAO is the world's largest association of eye physicians and surgeons—Eye M.D.s—with more than 29,000 members worldwide. Eye health care is provided by the three "O's"— opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists. It is the ophthalmologist, or Eye M.D., who can treat it all: eye diseases and injuries, and perform eye surgery. To find an Eye M.D. in your area, visit the Academy's Web site at www.aao.org