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  • Physician Wellness Webinars

  • With the health, careers and patients of ophthalmologists on the line, management of physician wellness is paramount. In a joint effort, the Academy and the Association of Veterans Affairs Ophthalmologists (AVAO) organized a two-part webinar series that addresses burnout and how to avoid and manage it — through personal stories and tactics discovered by ophthalmologists and experts in stress management techniques. 

  • Physician Wellness Webinar: Physician Burnout – It’s OK Not to Be OK

    There is growing awareness that physicians are exposed to workplace factors that increase the risk of work stress. Long-term exposure to this type of stress can result in burnout.  

    This AAO/AVAO joint webinar puts special focus on ophthalmologists and the subject of physician burnout. Our panel of physicians discusses their personal experiences, evidence-based data on the extent of burnout among ophthalmologists and the topic’s most frequently asked questions:

    • What is burnout?
    • How can I recognize it in myself and others?
    • How does it affect my satisfaction and productivity?
    • What strategies do some colleagues use to manage it?

    Stephen Blatt, MD
    Jullia Rosdahl, MD, PhD
    Seppo Rinne, MD, PhD
    Anna Luisa Di Lorenzo, MD, Moderator