• 3 Ways to Network at AAO 2017

    Reconnect with and learn from your colleagues.

    Attend Hot Topics Roundtables| SPE 12 at AAO 2017!

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    AAOE Board member Sean GoodaleEach year I look forward to the additional opportunities to network with colleagues at the annual meeting and share information about how we handle the latest challenges. The classes, roundtables and AAOE lounge have been extremely good environments to create new contacts.

    Here are three ways to connect with your AAOE colleagues during AAO 2017.

    1. New! Hot Topics Roundtables
      Don’t miss this perfect kick off to AAO 2017. I will be one of several moderators at these new discussions. You’ll have the chance to participate in 20-minute rotating discussions of your choice: each roundtable has a different practice management challenge. Moderators assigned to each table will help keep discussions moving and attendees floating to new tables.
    2. AAOE Lounge
      Come here to relax, kick back and connect with your colleagues. Use the bulletin boards to post messages to meet up with colleagues. This year we are encouraging members to post social events and invite new AAOE members to join them in evening social gatherings.
    3. Pop-ups?
      If you decide to have an impromptu meeting or need a gathering space to chat with colleagues, don’t forget the AAOE Lounge. Last year, a group used the space for a small on-the-fly meeting space to discuss clinical trials. The AAOE Lounge is your home away from home during the meeting. There’s plenty of free coffee and interesting conversation -- just like on e-Talk, but in person! See you there!

    Author: Sean D. Goodale, CPA, MBA; chief executive officer, Retina Associates, P.A and 2017 AAOE board member.