• Cybersecurity & Private Equity: My Not-to-Be Missed Picks at AAO 2017

    The AAOE Program of AAO 2017 begins on Nov. 11.

    I'm looking forward to gaining knowledge on the emerging trends in both information technology and the impact, positive and/or negative, of private equity on practices in the current regulatory era. Cybersecurity is a major source of concern for many of us in ophthalmic practice.

    Here are two courses that stand out this year that I’ve personally put on my must-see list:

    • “Ransomware: Emerging Security Risk Facing Ophthalmology Practices—Is Your Data Protected?” (410) and
    • “Can Cyber Criminals Use Medical Devices to Bankrupt Your Practices?” (SPE 28). 

    Another couple of courses that I’ll be attending are on private equity and what’s on the horizon in healthcare. These include a panel discussion, “Private Equity and Other Integration Models for Ophthalmologists: Evaluating Your Options” (255), and “A New Year, A New Administration: What’s in Store for the Healthcare Industry” (516).

    See you in New Orleans!

    Sean D. Goodale, CPA, MBA, is a member of the AAOE Board and Chief Executive Officer for Retina Associates, P.A. in Shawnee Mission, KS.