• How to Tell if Your Practice Is Over- or Understaffed

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    It’s not uncommon for doctors to wonder whether their practice is overstaffed. How do you determine whether your number of employees is appropriate for your practice? The Academy’s free benchmarking tool helps you by providing more than a dozen benchmarks for staffing levels. For example, this data from 2015 shows fully burdened staff payroll ratios by practice percentile:

    In addition, the number of full-time-equivalent staff per provider can shed light on your staffing levels:

    If you participate in this year’s survey by entering your own data, you will be able to see more recent results for those measures, plus you’ll have access to additional benchmarks such as collections per staff member, number of encounters per front office FTEs and back office staff FTEs, collections per FTE billing employee, etc.

    You’ll also be able to look at other factors that affect staffing such as collections generated by your doctors. If you employ optometrists or have an optical shop, you’ll see many other benchmarks pertaining to those services. In addition, by participating in the survey, you will have access to the reporting module, and will be able to filter the results to look at the benchmarks for comprehensive practices separately, or retina-only or multi-specialty practices, whichever best fits your situation.

    How to Benchmark Your Practice

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    1. Use the AcadeMetrics questionnaire (pdf) to gather all needed reports and information before you begin.
    2. Register your practice for the first time or sign-in using the login from previous years.
    3. Enter your fiscal year 2016 data by June 26, 2017. For a first-time practice, allow at least three hours to enter information.

    Questions? Contact the AcadeMetrics support staff or visit aao.org/academetrics for more information.