• Increase Practice Efficiency Through Effective Policies and Procedures (Webcast - Free to Members)

    Free Webcast. Learn to build the tools that can increase the efficiency of your practice. Busy administrators, managers and physicians are constantly searching for ways to maximize the use of available resources – time, money, staff or technology – to accomplish more with less. That’s why having clearly written policies and procedures is essential to your practice. Policies and procedures communicate roles, responsibilities and expectations and can be used to facilitate training, resolve personnel issues and avoid costly mistakes.

    During this 60-minute webcast, you’ll learn how to develop and create well-written, well-executed policies and procedures essential to the success of your practice and productivity of your staff. After the webinar, you’ll be better prepared to:

    • Achieve efficiency in the organization through effective policies and procedures.
    • Create your own policies and procedures manuals.
    • Get your employer to support and approve the development of policies and procedures in your practice.
    • Manage staff more effectively.
    • Communicate and disseminate your practice’s policies and procedures.
    • Keep your policies and procedures updated and relevant.


    Sandra Curd MBA, COE, COA, OCS — Chief Operating Officer, Professional Eye Associates
    Sandra began her career in ophthalmology in 1991. She has managed a small practice in North Carolina to one of the largest in the southeast. Currently, she is the COO of a mid-sized practice in Dalton Georgia. Sandra has also functioned in a number of capacities throughout her career in ophthalmology.

    Martha Land Young — Management Consultant, Much, Much More Seminars and Consulting
    Martha is a management consultant and certified Enneagram Instructor with nearly 30 years of management experience. Through her training with the Enneagram Institute of New York and The Enneagram in Business, Martha has developed Enneagram focused training programs guiding professionals to successfully develop more people-conscious, productive and profitable operations. Martha began her career in Ophthalmology in 1981 after spending her earlier years in the legal and banking field. She has held various positions including: Chief Operations Officer, Sr. Director of Practice Management Operations, and Practice Development Consultant. Martha has presented numerous Human Resource courses and Enneagram based programs at AAOE and other annual conferences.