• Minimize Exposure with Physical Modifications to Your Office

    Implementing a few changes within your clinic can reduce exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19 and provide comfort to patients, staff and physicians. Here are a few considerations:

    Waiting Rooms and Lobby

    • Reduce the number of chairs and maintain a separate distance of 6 feet
    • Eliminate high-risk surfaces such as:
      • Magazines
      • Coffee and water stations
      • Play areas for children

    Protective Screens  provided for:


    • Use furniture that can be easily sanitized.
    • Consider eliminating benches due to difficulties with maintaining social distancing.
    • Reduce the number of conference room chairs and space them appropriately.


    • Place floor markers throughout clinic for appropriate spacing (e.g., check-in)
    • Clean restrooms frequently
    • Ensure there is proper ventilation and  install  air purifiers


    • Post the following practice signs and instructions:
      • Patients experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms should notify staff or physicians immediately.
      • Proper hand-washing hygiene. (Instructions should be posted in bathrooms, exam lanes and the waiting room.)
      • Vendors and delivery personnel requirements when entering your facility
      • Staff reminders


    • Space workstations at least 6 feet apart
    • Eliminate shared workstations and phones

    Complete a weekly walk-through of the entire facility and identify any new physical modifications necessary. Invite staff and physicians to provide feedback for any facilities improvements.