• My Secret to Handling Problem Employees

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    Like many practice administrators, I find human-resources issues to be, hands-down, my most difficult practice management challenge. Several years ago, I had a “problem employee.” After two years as an excellent employee, she began to act erratically. She showed poor performance, had poor attention to detail and a general apathy for anything other than her own problems. When we discussed our concerns, she said she was going through a crisis at home. Initially we counseled the employee – multiple times – and gave her the benefit of the doubt considering her previous performance. But after she had an ugly encounter with a patient, we dismissed her immediately.

    The employee applied for unemployment insurance and it was denied. She appealed several times. Thanks to the wise counsel of an HR expert many years ago, we had many things in our favor:

    1. Our employee manual (signed by this employee) contained all the appropriate clauses for such a situation,

    2. We had documented all of the poor work performance in a non-emotional manner, had various staff members corroborated it and the employee acknowledged it.

    Our case was air tight. If you, too, want to handle cases like this the best way you can, join me at the AAO 2017 HR master class, Human Resources: An Interactive Review of Rights and Regulations. From personal experience, I’ve learned that I need to keep my HR toolkit up-to-date. This four-hour course will be highly interactive, informative and a fun way to keep updated on the latest in HR.

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    Author: Joanne Mansour, practice manager, The Virginia Retina Center and American Academy of Ophthalmic Executives board member.