• My Top 7 Lean Management Classes at AAO 2017

    The AAOE Program of AAO 2017 begins on Nov. 11.

    AAOE Board member Sean GoodaleLean management classes and concepts have been extremely beneficial for our practice in creating efficiency and handling the demands of scheduling and patient flow. As the CEO of a retina practice, I continually look forward to the presentations at the annual meeting. I gain insightful take-aways and critical updates every year.

    Here are my top seven lean-management picks for AAO 2017.

    1. I’m especially looking forward to the new master class, The Lean Practice: Concrete Strategies for Unlocking Your Practice’s Profitability and Patient Satisfaction. Practice administrators and physician owners will provide proven, on-the-ground strategies that have improved their patient flow and scheduling, reduced patient wait times and increased practice profitability – all at little to no extra cost.
    2. New! Lean Flow Simulation for Solo and Small Practices: Creating a Differentiated Patient Experience (230) – Nov. 12
    3. New! Lean for Retina Practices (261) – Nov. 12
    4. Going Lean: Eliminating Waste in a Multi-Specialty Practice (439) – Nov. 13.
    5. New! Rethink Your Space: Lean Strategies to Optimize Patient Experience and Physician Efficiency (515) – Nov. 13.
    6. Changing the Culture of the Practice (533) – Nov. 13.
    7. Optimizing Patient Flow, Staff Efficiency and Satisfaction Levels Through Facility Design (656) – Nov. 14.

    Author: Sean D. Goodale, CPA, MBA; chief executive officer, Retina Associates, P.A and 2017 AAOE board member.