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  • The Value of Communication in Landing Your Dream Job

    To land your dream job, you need to communicate effectively throughout the entire process. Here are some considerations as you begin your career in ophthalmology: 

    • Customize your communication when applying for a position.
      Send an accompanying email when you send your curriculum vitae (CV) to a prospective employer. Explain your “why.” What interests you particularly about this position? Research your potential employer to learn more about their mission, goals, staff and practice. Determine if this is a fit for you and what you can bring to the table to assist their practice success. Keep your communication short and focused.

    • Have your professional references in order.
      Evaluate who will provide you with a positive reference and can relate important details about your educational experience and/or professional expertise. Choose three to five people and personally ask each one to be a reference. Your references can include a fellow resident, colleague, administrator, technicians, mentor or OR nurse.

    • Be timely.
      Respond within 24-48 hours once you receive an interview invitation. After the on-site interview, immediately write a follow up email thanking them for your time and briefly reiterate your interest and why you are the right candidate for the position. Take the initiative and attach your references to your thank you email.

    • Check in with your references post interview.
      Ask them if they have been contacted to provide a reference for you and make sure it happens. Thank them for their time and offer to reciprocate.

    • Reply soon to all job offers and deadlines.
      Respond within 24-72 hours with an email thanking the practice for the generous offer. Let them know you need to review the offer and ask questions to clarify what the offer entails. Have an adviser or attorney review the employment agreement before you sign it. Choose one to three priority items to negotiate. If you feel the need to negotiate on every aspect of the job offer, then it might not be the right position for you. Sign and deliver the employment agreement by the deadline. 

    Congratulations, you’ve landed your dream job!

    The world of ophthalmology is small and connected. Stay in communication with your colleagues and be sure to attend the practice management program of the American Academy of Ophthalmic Executives® (AAOE®) at the Academy’s annual meeting. It offers a broad array of business and leadership courses for physicians and the entire practice team.

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    Also consider joining AAOE to gain access to AAOE-Talk, their highly active online community, to pose and get immediate answers to your practice management questions. 

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    About the Author:

    Jill Maher, MA, COE, is the principal consultant and owner of Maher Medical Practice Consulting located in Chicago. She consults with ophthalmic and other medical practices and teaching institutions. Maher has more than 25 years of experience in the health care industry working with Fortune 100 companies. She has extensive experience in sales management and national accounts, including more than 22 years with Wyeth, Johnson & Johnson and Allergan. Her background includes expertise in strategic planning, financial analysis, marketing and creating high-performance teams.