• It’s important to know your departments and to create an Organizational Chart, noting the structure of your practice. Whether it’s a small, mid-sized or large (including an academic) practice, knowing your staffing and organization model is critical.

    The ABCs of Practice Analysis

    Here are the ABCs to create an Organizational Chart and analyze your practice model:


    Assess your practice staffing needs and determine the breakdown of your departments using the attached fillable form (pdf).


    Begin to create your Organizational Chart by reviewing a sample. You will need to use the information from the practice assessment tool you just completed above to create an accurate Organizational Chart that reflects your current practice model.


    Compare and analyze your practice model against national benchmarks using the attached fillable form (pdf).

    How Does Your Practice Stack Up?

    How did your practice stack up? Things to look for are how does your staffing compare with industry benchmarks, keeping in mind that your practice may have unique needs that may require either higher or lower levels of staff and physicians. A good way to analyze your practice performance against national standards is by benchmarking your practice. The Academy/AAOE AcadeMetrics™ benchmarking and Salary surveys are Web-based surveys to help you measure financial performance and practice efficiency. Members can take both surveys at no charge. The Academy and AAOE will report general findings from the surveys, but only members who complete the survey will be able to access the more-valuable, detailed comparison reports that can help you pinpoint specific strengths and weaknesses in your practice.

    Not a member? Learn about Academy membership benefits for ophthalmologists and AAOE membership benefits for MDs and practice administrators.

    Crafting Your Positions

    Now that you’ve completed your organizational chart and compared the results to national benchmarks, it’s time to analyze your staff positions to determine if they accurately reflect your practice needs. Need some help with crafting position descriptions? Check out the Practice Forms Library for position descriptions contributed by AAOE practice administrators.