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  • Actionable Steps and Considerations When Expanding Retina Practices

    Webinar - August 24, 2021

    As retina practices continue to grow, leaders face the challenges of staying ahead of the curve. Identifying the perfect timing to add a new physician, executing the opening of a new satellite office or merging practices requires strategic planning and thoughtful execution. In this AAOE-sponsored webinar, moderator Joy Woodke, COE, OCS, OCSR, retina specialist Moss Fenberg, MD, and seasoned administrators Joanne Mansour, OCSR, and Stephanie Collins, MBA, COA, OCSR presented a town hall style discussion on the nuances of expanding the retina practice, including:

    • Identifying your why and how when contemplating expansion
    • Considerations when onboarding a new physician
    • Key steps when merging or opening a new practice
    • Practice development from the physician perspective
    • Expanding locations into a new community
    • Business development and marketing tips, including referring physician outreach
    • Managing change and the impact on staff and clinic flow
    • Succession planning and transitioning a retiring physician

    Download the Webinar Slides (PDF 902 KB)

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