• 2016 CPT Description Change and New Instructions for CPT 65855

    Changes in the CPT descriptor are identified by a . New language is underlined and the old language has a strikethrough.

    Δ 65855  Trabeculoplasty by laser surgery, one or more session (defined treatment series).

    The change was made to align with an assigned 10-day global period and that only one laser treatment is typical during this time period. New instructions are given that 65855 should not be submitted for payment in conjunction with any of the following CPT codes when performed in the same operative session.

    65860  Severing adhesions of anterior segment, laser technique (separate procedure)

    65865  Severing adhesions, goniosynechiae

    65870  Severing adhesions anterior synechiae, except goniosynechiae

    65875  Severing adhesions, posterior synechiae 65880 Severing corneovitreal adhesions