• Coding Top 10: Billing for a Dropped Vial of Drug; How to Bill External Photos Taken on a Phone

    Coding Top 10, April 2017

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    April's coding top 10 selections include billing for a dropped vial of drug, ICD-10 code for vasovagal reaction and how to bill external photos taken on a phone.

    1. How to Bill External Photos Taken on a Phone
      Our satellite office doesn’t have photography equipment, but we sometimes still need to take
    2. New Tear in Global Period
      The surgeon performed CPT code 67145 Prophylaxis of retinal detachment (eg, retinal break, lattice degeneration) without drainage, one or more sessions; photocoagulation due to a tear. During the postoperative period, the patient returned with a new unrelated tear requiring the surgical procedure. Can we bill for the second laser?
    3. Frequency Edits for Optic Nerve OCT
      Does CPT code 92133 Scanning computerized ophthalmic diagnostic imaging; optic nerve have frequency edits?
    4. Removal of Corneal Filaments
      Our surgeon removed corneal filaments at the slit lamp with forceps. Is CPT code 65222 Removal of foreign body, external eye; corneal, with slit lamp appropriate?
    5. Billing for a Dropped Vial of Drug
      Can we bill for a vial of drug that was accidently dropped and not administered to a Medicare patient? We gave the patient a different vial.
    6. Inpatient Place of Service when Seen in Office Setting
      Should I bill place-of-service 21 Inpatient hospital even though we’re seeing the patient in our practice?
    7. ICD-10 Code for Vasovagal Reaction
      A patient had a vasovagal reaction during an examination and remained here over an hour for the physician to monitor. What diagnosis code should we use?
    8. Defining Unilateral or Bilateral Language
      How do we bill for testing services that include language “unilateral or bilateral”?
    9. Tests Performed Same Day as SLT 
      Are testing services allowed the same day as CPT code 65855 Trabeculoplasty by laser surgery?
    10. Modifier -78 in the Office Suite
      Our surgeon performed a re-bubbling after a DSAEK in the office suite. What modifier should we use?