• Coding Top 10: Different Avastin HCPCS Codes

    Coding Top 10, September 2018

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    1. Charging for Missed Appointments 
      Can we charge a patient for missed appointments?

    2. CPT Code to Rotate Premium Lens 
      What CPT code would be used to rotate a toric IOL?

    3. CPT Code for Descemetorhexis 
      What is the CPT code for descemetorhexis?

    4. Different CPT Codes for Lateral Tarsal Strip Procedures 
      We have an oculofacial surgeon often performing lateral tarsal strip procedures. Our surgery coordinator only uses the CPT code 67917 Repair of ectropion; extensive. Is there another code we should be using?

    5. Requirement of X Placeholder 
      We have a patient who was sent to us for flashes in the right eye after being hit in the eye by a foul ball. I see ICD-10 code W51 Striking against or struck accidentally in sports without subsequent fall,” but am unsure how to use it.

    6. CPT Code for Lasering Osterior Synechiae 
      What is the appropriate CPT code for severing of adhesions from the posterior segment of the right eye?

    7. Dilation Requirement for Exams 
      What exam codes require dilation?

    8. Global Period of a YAG 
      What is the global period for a YAG?

    9. Different Avastin HCPCS Codes 
      We have a retinal surgeon joining our practice who will be injecting Avastin. The surgeon provided us with J3590 as the code to submit, but we’ve received denials from our MAC, Palmetto GBA. Is there another code we should be using?

    Note: The Sept. 23 issue of Practice Management Express referred to a coding question regarding the CyPass microstent. Alcon, the maker of the CyPass stent, voluntarily removed the stent from the global market in August.