• Coding Top 10: Language on Standing Orders, Frequency for Epilation and CPT Code for TTT

    Coding Top 10, August 2018

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    1. Correct Add-on Codes
      A patient who had surgery on the medial rectus muscle two years ago returned for inferior rectus muscle surgery. There is no scarring noted. Which add-on code should be included?

    2. Frequency for Epilation 
      We are billing CPT code 67820 Correction of trichiasis; epilation, by forceps only every eight weeks. However, Medicare is now denying due to overutilization. Is there another code we should be using?

    3. CPT Code for TTT
      What is the CPT code for TTT?

    4. Billing Pterygium Excision with AMT 
      Can we bill CPT codes 65426 Excision of pterygium; with graft and 65779 AMT sutured together?

    5. Bundling of Services in Global Period 
      Do CCI edits apply to same day, same session or additional surgery performed in the global period?

    6. Language on Standing Orders 
      My physician is looking for proof from Medicare that they do not allow standing orders in a practice setting. Can you provide me with the correct language?

    7. Usage of MiLopp in Cataract Surgery 
      Does MiLoop make cataract surgery complex?

    8. CPT Code for Ciliary Sparing Strabismus Surgery 
      What CPT code would we submit for ciliary sparing strabismus surgery?

    9. CPT Code for Epithelial Debridement 
      Our physician is looking for a CPT code for epithelial debridement of lid margin. This may be used for lid scrubs.

    10. ICD-10 for Avellino Corneal Dystrophy 
      What is the ICD-10 code for avellino corneal dystrophy?