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  • Coding Top 10:Telehealth Time Requirements with Eye Visit Codes, Re-billing Telehealth Codes, Staff Billing 99211

    Coding Top 10, June 2020

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    Get trusted answers to your coding questions from the Academy’s coding experts, so you can bill and code with confidence. The June coding selections include:

    1. Telehealth Time Requirements With Eye Visit Codes
      What are the time requirements to use telemedicine by phone for the eye visit codes 92002-92014? 

    2. Telehealth Video Requirements
      I’ve heard from someone outside of our practice, that CMS relaxed the video requirement on all E/M codes. Without confirmation from the Academy, we are not comfortable with that. Are we correct?

    3. Telehealth Billing Without Access to Patient Chart
      I have a doctor who performed an exam via video conference, however she was unable to access our EHR or the patients record. Since we are including the progress note in the chart, are we able to submit for the service?

    4. Payers Accepting Time-based Billing
      Is the E/M code level selection based on time as described for Medicare also applicable to commercial insurance visits?

    5. In-office Testing Prior to Virtual Exam
      Can an established patient come to the office for testing by our ophthalmic technician and then have a telehealth virtual face-to-face visit with the physician within seven days?

    6. Staff Billing 99211
      Can an administrator bill 99211 under physician supervision or must it be a technician?

    7. Billing an E/M Code with G2010
      Can you bill an E/M code (via audio/video) and G2010 or would that be double dipping?

    8. Storing Images During Telemedicince Visits
      Are we required to print out photos received from the patient when billing G2010?

    9. Start Date for New Patient Phone Exams
      What is the effective date for billing phone visits with new patients?

    10. Re-billing Telehealth Codes
      I submitted G2012 as Medicare had a low reimbursement for the telephone exams, however now that they’ve increased rates, should we submit a corrected claim?