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  • Coding Top Ten: ICD-10 Codes for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, Brow Ptosis and Disorders of Eye and Adnexa

    Coding Top 10, December 2018

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    1. Billing for Yag PI Prior to Corneal Transplant
      In the past, our surgeon would perform CPT code 66761 Yag PI at the same time as his corneal transplants but did not bill separately for them. He is now performing the Yag PI a few days prior to the corneal transplant. Is this separately billable?

    2. Billing Fundus Photos and OCT Same Day to Commercial Payers
      We need your advice on billing CPT 92250 Fundus photos and CPT code 92134 Retina OCT the same day for patients with commercial insurances.

    3. EUA in Opposite Eye Same Day as Another Procedure
      Our surgeon performed CPT code 67040 Vitrectomy, mechanical, pars plana approach, with endolaser panretinal photocoagulation on their right eye and CPT code 920108 EUA on their left. This was done on the same day as their outpatient surgery. Can you give me any guidance on billing?

    4. CPT Code for Cardiff Visual Acuity Test
      We perform Cardiff Visual Acuity testing on nonverbal children. Is there a separate CPT code we can submit?

    5. ICD-10 Code for Completion of Plaquenil Treatment
      What is an appropriate ICD-10 code for a patient who has completed their Plaquenil treatment?

    6. ICD-10 Code for Clonic Hemifacial Spasm
      Is there an ICD-10 code for clonic hemifacial spasm?

    7. ICD-10 Code for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction
      Do we use ICD-10 code H02.89 Other specified disorders of eyelid for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, or is there a better code?

    8. ICD-10 Code for Rule Out Child Abuse
      Our physician saw a patient to rule out child abuse. There was no ocular trauma noted, and it was a normal exam. Is there an ICD-10 code we should submit?

    9. ICD-10 Code for Brow Ptosis
      Our surgeon will be performing a brow ptosis procedure; however there is no applicable ICD-10 code. What is the appropriate diagnosis to submit?

    10. Invalid Diagnosis Code
      I billed with ICD-10 code H57.8 Other specified disorders of eye and adnexa and received a denial from Medicare stating this is invalid. Are they no longer accepting this diagnosis?