• CPT Code for Cataract Removal without Implant

    Question: The physician removed a mature pediatric cataract, which required the use of trypan blue. The surgery involved an anterior approach using the vitrector, rather than pars plana capsulotomy. She did not insert an IOL as it was not indicated. What is the best CPT code?

    Answer: Complex cataract surgery, CPT code 66982 would not be appropriate, since no lens was implanted. Review the operative report to determine which of the following codes is most appropriate:

    • 66850 Removal of lens material; phacofragmentation technique (mechanical or ultrasonic) (eg, phacoemulsification), with aspiration
    • 66920 Removal of lens material; intracapsular
    • 66940 Removal of lens material; extracapsular (other than 66840, 66850, 66852)

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