• 2017 ICD-10 Changes Expand Myopic Degeneration, Vision-Rehabilitation Codes

    About 50 new ICD-10 codes affecting ophthalmology went into effect Oct. 1, 2017. The most significant updates expand the codes for myopic degeneration and vision rehabilitation. Medicare administrative contractors are in the process of updating their policies to reflect the new codes.

    The Academy has updated its ICD-10 decision trees to reflect these changes:

    The following MACs have policies that reflect the Oct. 1 changes. Likely other MACs and policies will be updated soon.

    Cigna Government Services

    • Vision rehabilitation ICD-10 codes: L34394 Visual field

    First Coast Service Options

    • Myopic degeneration ICD-10 codes
      • L36962 Anti-VEGF treatment
      • L33997 FA
      • L33670 Fundus photos
      • L34017 Ophthalmoscopy
      • L33751 SCODI
    • Vision rehabilitation ICD-10 codes: L33766 Visual field

    National Government Services

    • Myopic degeneration ICD-10 codes
      • A52451 Lucentis
      • L33567 Ophthalmoscopy and Fundus Photos
    • Vision rehabilitation ICD-10 codes 
      • L33567 Ophthalmoscopy and Fundus Photos
      • L36831 VEP
      • L33574 Visual Field


    • Myopic degeneration ICD-10 codes
      • JE- A53008 Avastin
      • JF- A53009 Avastin


    • Myopic degeneration ICD-10 codes: L35038 SCODI


    • Myopic degeneration ICD-10 codes
      • L33467 Ophthalmoscopy and Fundus Photos
      • L34431 SCODI
      • L34426 FA

    Wisconsin Physician Services

    • Myopic degeneration ICD-10 codes: L34741 Non-chemotherapy drugs

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