• ICD-10 Code for Failed Vision Screening

    Question: The pediatric ophthalmologists in our practice see a lot of kids for failed vision screenings who are often not yet verbal. In ICD-9, doctors used visual-disturbances codes like 368.1, 368.8, 368.9 for patients like this. What code should we use in ICD-10?

    Answer: The ICD-10 equivalent to the above is H53.8 - Other visual disturbances. If payers covered this diagnosis code in ICD-9, they should continue to do so for ICD-10. The following Z codes may also provide supporting documentation, but Z codes are not always recognized as primary paying diagnosis codes.

    Z01 Encounter for other special examination without complaint, suspected or reported diagnosis
    Z01.0 Encounter for examination of eyes and vision
    Z01.00 without abnormal findings
    Z01.01 with abnormal findings.