• ICD-10 Diagnosis Code for Blepharitis Squamous Upper and Lower Lids

    Question: Patient has blepharitis squamous upper and lower lids OU. How do I specify location with the ICD-10 code H01.02-? I understand that 1 and 2 mean right upper and lower lids, respectively, and 4 and 5 mean left upper and lower lids, respectively, but what do I use for OU both upper and lower lids? Surely I am not going to use four codes for blepharitis OU, right?

    Answer: While not every condition has a reportable code for each lid, squamous blepharitis does. Correct reporting will be:

    • H01.021 right upper
    • H01.022 right lower
    • H01.024 left upper
    • H01.025 left lower

    It is still to be determined if reporting all four is required for payment.